Full concrete tile roof restoration

Full concrete tile roof restoration coating - Full concrete tile roof restoration

25 year old Monier concrete tile roof.

We carried out a full roof restoration, this involved.

  1. Applying a moss treatment to sterilize the tile surface.
  2. Replacing all cracked and broken tiles.
  3. Pressure cleaning the roof to provide a clean surface for coatings to adhere to.
  4. Fully re-pointing the ridge cappings with Selleys Pointworks
  5. Applying 1 coat of penetrating tile sealer.
  6. Applying 1 coat of high build base coat.
  7. Applying 1 coat of acrylic gloss top coat in “Rivergum”
  8. We supplied a 15 year roof coating warranty and 2 year workmanship warranty.


The roof was fully scaffolded whilst work was been carried out, including some harness work on the steeper sections.

Pitch was 20deg to 45 deg

Coatings are applied by airless spray, we use Graco airless spray equipment and Honda powered pressure cleaning units. The best equipment and quality proven materials. Apco coatings, Selleys Pointworks.