We work throughout Greater Auckland providing quality residential and commercial roof repairs, roof painting and recoating, and roof cleaning, including moss treatment for roofs & pressure cleaning for iron roofs.

As a member of The Roofing Association of New Zealand, we promise work at the highest standard, with guaranteed workmanship and competitive pricing.

Click on the photos below to view images of some of the many roofing projects we are proud to have completed.

Loose ridge caps fixed

Loose ridge caps repointed

This tile roof had some loose ridge caps blown from the roof during strong winds early in the morning. We quickly replaced the ridge caps and broken tiles and repointed with Selleys Point Works to keep the roof weather tight.


Re roof was not an option

This is a commercial roof that was very rusty, but a reroof was not an option at this time. Our brief from the owner was to extend the roof’s service life by 5 -10 years.

Modern concrete tile roof restoration completed, Coating 1x coat of penetrating tile sealer 1x high build base coat and 1 x Acrylic gloss top coat, Colour Karaka. 15 year warranty

Modern concrete tile roof restored

1990s concrete tile roof. This roof had been restored previously to a poor standard. The roof had been poorly cleaned and the coating had not adhered in areas. 

Restored one roof of double unit

Restored one roof of a double unit

Joined units where one side did not want the roof done. The factory protective coating has worn away leaving the tiles to weather under the elements. Over time the weather will start eroding the concrete and lead to the tiles becoming more porous and potentially pin hole leaks.

Freshly painted service life extended.

Extended life of old iron roof near the sea

Another 10 years of roof life. This is a 1960s corrugated iron roof situated close to the beach north of Auckland. The owners were aware of rust starting to show and were concerned that they may need a new roof which was unaffordable at the time.


Full concrete tile roof restoration

The roof is a Monier concrete tile approximately 25 years old. We carried out a full roof restoration, this involved. Applying a moss treatment to sterilize the tile surface. Replacing all cracked and broken tiles. Pressure cleaning the roof to…

1 x coat of galvanised etch primer and 2 x coats of semi gloss acrylic top coat. 10 year warranty

Pressed metal tile roof restoration

This is a pressed metal tile roof that had faded and oxidised. We applied a moss treatment to sterilise the tile surface and pressure cleaned the roof. All nail fixings were checked over and replaced where required and buckled tiles...
1 x coat of penetrating tile sealer, 1 x highbuild base coat and 1x acrylic gloss top coat. 15 year warranty.  Colour Grey Frairs.

Old concrete tile roof restored

Old concrete tile roof approx. 60years+ Factory coating has long worn away, bare concrete showing and eroding away with the elements. Pressure cleaned, Changed broken tiles, Ridges fully repointed with Selleys Pointworks flexible pointing compound. 1 x coat of penetrating…