Roof Recoating and Roof Painting

Roof painting or recoating is an important part of regular roof maintenance and, if done at the right time, can add many years to the life of your roof. We recoat all types of domestic and commercial or industrial roofing anywhere in Greater Auckland.

Quality Products for Quality Roofs

We recommend and use Aalto Procoat premium performance roof coating systems and Gilsonite Aluminium Roof Coating.

AALTO PROCOAT professional roof coating systems come in a range of roofing colours and are designed to restore and rejuvenate your home or business at a fraction of the cost of a new roof. The PROCOAT coating system can be used to restore all roofs including concrete tile, long-run iron, and coloursteel roofs.

Gilsonite Aluminium roof paint is the number one protective coating for industrial roofing, providing outstanding results in terms of longevity. Gilsonite Aluminium is a single pack bitumen based aluminium roof paint which, for many decades, has proven to have exceptional weather protection properties. It is ideal for use on older iron roofs, especially on commercial buildings. It can also be used to provide UV protection for Butynol roofs. Click here to read more about protecting your commercial iron or Butynol roof.

Concrete Tile Roof Recoating

Over time, concrete tile roofs wear. They lose their original coating and tiles can crack causing leaks and interior damage. You’ve probably seen recoated concrete tile roofs and been impressed by how watertight and stylish they look compared to your dull grey roof. We can revitalise your concrete tile roof so it looks great and water-tightness is guaranteed.

concrete tile roofs 1 - Roof Painting

To renew your concrete tile roof, the standard process would involve:

  1. 01Apply moss treatment to sterilise tile surface.
  2. 02Change all cracked roof tiles.
  3. 03Pressure clean the roof including, inside spoutings, wash down building and surrounds of roof debris.
  4. 04Re-point mortar work with Selleys Point works flexible pointing compound.
  5. 05Apply one coat of penetrating tile sealer.
  6. 06Apply one coat of high build base coat.
  7. 077. Apply one coat of AALTO PROCOAT acrylic gloss top coat in chosen colour.
  8. 08Supply 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and 2-year workmanship warranty.
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Iron, Colorsteel and Pressed Metal Tile Roofs

As with other types of roofing, over time, metal roofs can lose their lustre and even develop rust spots which can result in leaks. Proper maintenance, including premium roof coating, can restore your iron roof and add years to its life.

iron and coloursteel roof painting - Roof Painting

To renew your iron or pressed metal tile roof, the standard process would involve:

  1. 01Apply moss treatment to sterilise the roof surface.
  2. 02Replace fixings with roofing screws.
  3. 03Pressure clean the roof to remove all dirt and grime including loose paint.
  4. 04Apply Blackguard rust converter to all rust areas.
  5. 05Check and repair flashings as required.
  6. 06Apply one coat of galvanised roof primer.
  7. 07Apply two coats of AALTO PROCOAT acrylic top coat in a colour from the PROCOAT range – special colours can be mixed on request.
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Commercial Iron Roofs and Gilsonite Aluminium Protection

commercial iron roofs - Roof Painting

Gilsonite Aluminium roof paint is the number one protective coating for commercial and industrial roofing. It provides outstanding results in terms of longevity, often extending even an older roof’s life by up to ten years.

Gilsonite can be used on iron or Butynol. It provides corrosion resistance and has the added advantage of solar reflectivity which can significantly reduce internal building heat.

The typical commercial iron roof process would involve:

  1. 01Treat roof for moss and mould.
  2. 02Change nail fixings to screws and washers.
  3. 03Change any flashings or sheets that have rusted through.
  4. 04Pressure clean the roof to remove all dirt and grime.
  5. 05Treat any rust areas with rust convertor.
  6. 06Apply two coats of Gilsonite.

A warranty is usually offered. Conditions apply and will be discussed at the time of quoting.

Click here to download the Gilsonite Aluminium Premium Bitumen Based Aluminium Roof Coating brochure →