Hey there Janie

I have been meaning to write this for while and I was hoping you could pass it on to the person who completed the work on my roof.

I was given a quote to spray the lichen on the roof tiles and fix a broken tile above a small room where I often work ( during the lock downs I have had to use this room often)

The person who completed the job,  told me before he started,  that there was a lot of moisture around where the tile had broken but it was more to do with how the original work was completed and he was going to fix the issue. I had noticed the room was extremely damp and the ceiling was getting black mould but didn’t realise that there was a leak.

Now – a few months later I have noticed that the room is no longer feeling damp and I know what ever work was done has really helped.

I didn’t get a chance to say thank you to whoever fixed the roof because they worked until after dark and dashed off – so I am doing so now.

I really appreciate the job he did and the price you charged was incredibly reasonable – given how much work you had to do.

So thanks to everyone at Cowperthwaite for an awesome job!

I appreciate what you did very much.

Kind regards | ngā mihi