Some of the Best Ways to Maintain your Roof in Auckland – A Roof Maintenance Checklist

Roof maintenance checklist

For most people, the roof sitting on their home is something they think about very little until something goes wrong. Roof repairs can be costly, not just because the roof is damaged but because the first sign of a roof repair is often damaged ceilings or leaks through wall cavities. That’s why every homeowner should give some thought to a regular roof maintenance programme.

We’ve put together a yearly checklist of tasks that should be carried out regularly to ensure the integrity of your house’s roof. Our roof maintenance checklist includes many items that take little or no time. Some should be carried out regularly and others need to be attended to when they arise.

Here it is, the checklist of the best ways to maintain your home’s roof in Auckland.

1. Clean gutters and downpipes

The purpose of your roof’s guttering is to collect rainwater from your roof and direct it to drains and wastewater systems. It’s so simple we can forget the importance of this. If your guttering is blocked by leaf matter and debris, water will collect in it. This can then overflow and, in some house designs, will track into wall cavities. The damage that is caused can be very costly because by the time it is noticed, it is usually significant.

The lesson is simple, keep your gutters free of debris and free-flowing.

2. Check for moss and lichen growth on your roof

If you live in Auckland, check out the southern side of your roof. This is the side of your house that gets the most shade. Coupled with the amount of rain Auckland receives, this can make your roof prone to the growth of moss and lichen.

Moss and lichen grow in cracks on tile roofing. Because moss and lichen absorb water, they can cause significant damage by cracking or lifting tiles and the roof capping. The result is, once again, damage to the interior of your home.

Aside from the damage that can be caused, moss and lichen on a roof also look unsightly and can rob your home of roadside appeal.

Check your roof for moss and lichen. If it needs treating there are products on the market or you can contact a roof restoration professional.  We recommend regular roof cleaning, including a moss treatment, every 2-3 years to ensure your roof is giving your home the protection it should.

3. Check nearby trees

The movement of tree branches against your house can cause significant damage. One of the best ways to maintain your home’s roof in Auckland is to walk around your house and check for trees that are growing close to it.

When you do this, remember that most damage will be caused during storms and high winds when the branches are repeatedly blown against the roof and sides of the house. For this reason, you should prune branches back as much as is required to ensure that even on the windiest of days, they don’t reach your roof or gutters.

4. Check for watertightness

The first place to start in your watertightness check is areas with flashings or cappings. These are there to ensure watertightness in those places where two roof surfaces meet or at the apex of your roof.

If flashings are damaged, rusted, cracked or the sealant is rotting away, contact a professional roof restorer. They will do a thorough inspection to ensure your home is watertight before fixing those areas that need a roof repair.

Another way of checking watertightness is, of course, to climb into your ceiling cavity, if that is possible. Using a torch with a high beam will enable you to see places where water may be entering the ceiling. Leaks can be difficult to trace, however. If you see evidence of water entering your ceiling, call a roof restoration company.

5 Ensure dryer and bathroom fans are directed outside and not into the ceiling cavity

Air from clothes dryers and bathrooms are full of moisture. In some older homes they may have been vented directly into the ceiling cavity rather than outside. This warm, humid air can create issues with mould and mildew which can adversely affect your roof.

6. Consider regular professional roof maintenance

Whatever your type of roof system, it has been designed to last for many years. By properly maintaining your roof, you can extend its life even further.

Consider asking a roofing restoration expert such as Cowperthwaite Roof Restorations Ltd to give your roof a once-over. They know the best ways to maintain your home’s roof – it’s second nature to them. They can examine your roof and give a no-obligation free quote for any work that needs doing.

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With over 35 years’ experience in the roof maintenance business, Cowperthwaite Roof Restorations has the expertise and roof restoration systems to revitalise your roof, adding life and colour that will add value to your home or business.

Before considering replacing your roof, call us to see if we can restore it using one of our specialised roof recoating systems.

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